Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The funny thing about Jude...

I can't neglect to capture these funny developmental moments for Jude.  Every day there are two things for sure that Jude will ask for.  #1 is to go to the beach...every morning he asks! #2 is Rice....every day he asks to eat rice. Often he tells me a different animal that is in his tummy and that there is a scarey monster coming(in his scarey monster voice.)  He talks about spiderman and superman often, though he has never seen a video or anything of the sorts.  And, today he taught Samuel to clap!  He is obsessed with tools and playing in the sink. To sleep he must have woof woof (soft dog blanket thing), bank bank (blanket) and pappi (pacifier) and yes we still give that loud, age 5 looking kid a paci to sleep!  He LOVES to sing "on jordans stormy banks" and prefers to run around "naked belly." Funny, funny kid. 

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