Sunday, August 26, 2012

Happy 5th birthday Naomi!!

Naomi got to celebrate her "real" birthday at school!  She was thrilled to get to bring cupcakes and be sung to twice!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The funny thing about Jude...

I can't neglect to capture these funny developmental moments for Jude.  Every day there are two things for sure that Jude will ask for.  #1 is to go to the beach...every morning he asks! #2 is Rice....every day he asks to eat rice. Often he tells me a different animal that is in his tummy and that there is a scarey monster coming(in his scarey monster voice.)  He talks about spiderman and superman often, though he has never seen a video or anything of the sorts.  And, today he taught Samuel to clap!  He is obsessed with tools and playing in the sink. To sleep he must have woof woof (soft dog blanket thing), bank bank (blanket) and pappi (pacifier) and yes we still give that loud, age 5 looking kid a paci to sleep!  He LOVES to sing "on jordans stormy banks" and prefers to run around "naked belly." Funny, funny kid. 

First Days :) Kindergarten and 1st grade!!

 On our way out the door!
 Nathan and his wonderful teacher Ms. Clegg (Anna)
 Naomi and I before going into her 1st day of School ever!!
 Ms. Naomi modelling her new book bag!
 Outside of her classroom!  Her teacher is Mrs. Rutledge...who we really like.  It was a busy morning, we will have to get a picture another time.
Icing on the cake...Naomi saw one of her best friends, Elcee, just across the hall! 

I knew today would be interesting.  All summer Nathan has been dreading going back to school.  Mainly because first grade is full day and because he has to get up early.  He has been begging me to homeschool I told him let's try school one more year and then re-evaluate when the babies are older.  He was not excited to find out all his favorite friends were in another class, but the saving grace was his teacher!!!  We were thrilled to find out that he was in my friend Anna's class.  She seemed familiar and comforting to him and for the little anxious introvert that he is he needed something!!!  It is comforting to me to know I have someone spending 8hrs a day with my sweet lil boy that will be patient with his querks and comfort him when school life overwhelms him! 

I figured with Naomi it could go one of two ways...1- she would just jump in there and do great or 2- She would revert to shy mode and hide behind me the whole time.  Thankfully she chose option #1, which affirmed to me that she is ready for this.  I really think she will love learning and will enjoy her class and sweet teacher and aid!

As for me, I kept it together all morning and it just hit me as we got home and the babies were napping.  So sad to let go some of my sad for them to have to learn life lessons without me there to protect and interpret for sad to watch people be mean to them (except there own siblings!)
So good to just give it to the Lord and trust his sweet hand on all of us!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

GiGi's surprise!!

video video
Somehow we pulled off a surprise birthday party for GiGi for her 6oth Birthday!  Most of the scheming and lying took place on text or I was able to not crack under pressure!  Alison did all the hard work of invitations and most of the food...but we all had our special part!  Todd even wrote a poem and Eric let people share how thankful they are for her!
Happy early Birthday GiGi!
We love you!!