Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer funnies


Samuel at 9 months!

Ahhhhhh finally some sleep!  I THINK we are turning a corner! I say i think, b/c he isnt 100% sleeping without his tummy hurting...but it is a lot better and for the most part all it takes at night is a pacifier!  Now, if he can figure out to put his paci in himself....i'm hopeful though! He is not crawling yet...but rolling and sitting up better! No teeth...but is eating soft table foods and love them.   I am still trying to limit wheat, soy, milk....but he is loving fruits and veggies!!  He has a sweet sensitive temperament and is undergoing seperation anxiety pretty bad (hence why i am always getting paged during church to the nursery!!)
The other kids love him so much...even Jude is sweet with him and talks baby talk to him.

At the Dr. at 9 months:
Height: 29inches (75%)
Weight: 19lbs 9oz. (50%)
 First fourth of July Fireworks!
 First shoulder ride!
First Airport experience!

 First Airplane ride!
 First trip to the ZOO!(poor Naomi's eyes look so bad here...more on her surgery to come)
 First table foods!

 First Guitar!

First Cat in the Hat costume!
 9 Months and growing!
And as cute as can be!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

For Gigi!

Dear Gigi, here is another picture to add to your bathroom wall!

Beach trip to Hilton Head with the Ashleys!

 Jude had soooo much fun at the water spouts!
 Aunt Ali was so sweet to spend special time with each of our kiddos...she's the best!
 The view from our hotel!
 Funny cousin Will...he warmed up to the pool and beach the last day.
 Sam's first beach trip! He loved it....and had his afternoon snack on the beach :)
 Papa delighted Nathan with help on the boogie board!
 Naomi loved the beach and the pool...but one thing was certain- here "pelican" float never came off!!
 Daddy kept jude from being swept away from the you can guess...he was fearless!
 Jude LOVED the water!!
 Papa and Gigi with all their grandkids.
Sweet Brothers
We had soooo much. 
Thanks Papa and Gigi for inviting us to the beach!