Sunday, February 5, 2012

Juderbug is TWO!

 Can't believe our Jude is 2!  He is such a fun, curious, busy little guy!  He adds such life to our everyday! What he is up to these days?  Everything!  He loves everything..for about 60 sec!  One of the cutest things he does is play with cars...driving them on furniture and walls all while humming.  His speech is kinda slow, but gets whatever he wants, so why talk?  He is definitely a charmer and makes everyone feel like he is their best friend.  Though he is so busy, he is also a snuggler!  He loves his siblings and still calls Samuel "baby"...but is better at being gentle with him.  He loves his pacifier and doggy blanket. AKA woof woof  and papi.  Eric and I have different opinions about when we should take his paci away.  So, we will see who wins out!(ha)

As far as growth goes...he's a giant! Still off the charts in height... and 90% in weight at 33lbs.  He wears size 6 diapers and 3t clothes.
Love this sweet, crazy little boy!

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