Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sam at 3 months!

I know it is almost 4 mos...but i wanted to write a quick update. The Second picture shows our progress with sleep!  We made the transition from sleeping in the swing to sleeping in the crib! This month his tummy is starting to settle down a little!  Still having a hard time having dirty diapers...but on the good days he will sleep better naps and chunks of sleep at nite(4-5hrs!)  It has taken some work though. Like seen in the picture above it has taken a double swaddle on his tummy with a pacifier and patting him until he gets comfortable!
I finally feel like he is not just crying all the time. Some of his wake time he is actually happy.  We've got some good smiles out of him, finally!
The kids continue to enjoy and interact with him.  So thankful for him!

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