Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sweet Nathan is 6yrs.olds!

Cake #4 at Nathan's tractor party at Papa and Gigi's the day after his birthday!
Cake #3- His shared cake with Nanna( the have the same birthday) that we celebrated on Christmas Eve!
Cake #2- Shared cake with his good buddy Jackson that we got to meet at the Children's Museum in Atlanta to celebrate with the week before Christmas. We got to celebrate at the Varsity for lunch.
Cake #1-His birthday cake he got to take to school the day before school was out for Christmas!
A big shout-out to Eric for all the amazing Tractors that he drew!!!  He is truly a man of many talents!

Nathan continues to be such a sweet natured son. He has officially entered into the world of legos. He likes all sports, but isn't obsessed with anything.  He still plays cars (esp. Cars 2) and still LOVES art stuff.  It is amazing to watch how creative and smart he is. He continues to thrive in Kindergarten at FPD ( he has the sweetest teacher, too!) His areas of improvement are in holding his pencil and cutting with scissors (ha!) It must be b/c I never let him cut before he went to school! He is such a kind brother.  He and Naomi really enjoy each other...don't get me wrong they have bad days but for the most part they have a great realationship.  He and Jude have a special relationship too.  He plays so sweetly with Jude and there is a sweet trust built in that relationship.  He is considerate of the baby....but that's about it for now. 

Spiritually, I feel like things are really clicking.  So encouraging to see some of what we have been sowing take root!  Our family worship times are the highlight of my day to watch his devotion in prayer and interest as we  learn from the Bible. I am so thankful to be his Mommy... and he is such a delight.  Discipline is really not an issue these days, which is a relief because it is so intense with Jude.  So nice to see how the discipline laid a foundation for his character and now there is such fruit.  Keeps me hopeful with the others.

At his 6 year check up his height and weight was consistent with how it has always been = 15% in weight and 90% in height. He is projected to be 6ft 2inches.  I think he will have the same build as his daddy! :)

I can't believe I have a 6 year old!  So thankful for God giving us such a gift!  (Nathan means "Gift of God")

Sam at 3 months!

I know it is almost 4 mos...but i wanted to write a quick update. The Second picture shows our progress with sleep!  We made the transition from sleeping in the swing to sleeping in the crib! This month his tummy is starting to settle down a little!  Still having a hard time having dirty diapers...but on the good days he will sleep better naps and chunks of sleep at nite(4-5hrs!)  It has taken some work though. Like seen in the picture above it has taken a double swaddle on his tummy with a pacifier and patting him until he gets comfortable!
I finally feel like he is not just crying all the time. Some of his wake time he is actually happy.  We've got some good smiles out of him, finally!
The kids continue to enjoy and interact with him.  So thankful for him!

Friday, January 20, 2012

More Christmas!