Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First days home!

My sweet friend, Robyn, has generously let me borrow her camera to capture some of Samuel's firsts!

I am learning that the more kids you have the smaller chance you have to take a picture with everyone looking at the same time! 
I guess i spoke too soon about Samuel's tummy issues. Eric and I have been trying to talk each other into believing he is just having normal baby gassy issues and that this one is gonna be our "good" one! Ha!
After consecutive days of grunting, straining, crying and no dirty diapers we have settled in to the fact that the Lord has given us good experience to know how to love this sweet little guy!  At the drs. office today he joked with me that we only produce babies with bad tummies!   I love the kids" pediatrician and he is always encouraging and he reminds me that they all get through it and are completely healthy afterwards.  Right now i am trying to get him to gain weight....still not at his birth weight!  He also still has some jaundice issues(which you might notice in his tan skin!) and getting him to use the bathroom.

We still adore him and are so in love with him...just hate to see him so uncomfortable! Again...we have so much to be thankful for!

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dnjones1121 said...

Beautiful family! So glad you were able to capture these sweet moments :) Love and miss you!