Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Naomi!

Naomi wanted to have a "strawberry shortcake sprinkler" that"s what we did.  I wouldn't recommend doing when your 8months pregnant...but she had a blast!

A Naomi update Naomi loves people, especially her family! Can play cars/trains with the best oof them but loves her girly toys too! She thinks she is the boss and loves calling the shots.  She misses her brother while he is in school...but calls her ballet class her school.  She loves ballet. She loves to eat(she is our meat eater)!  She is over 100% in height on the growth chart and 80% in weight!  She loves Sunday School and her Wednesday night journey group.  She loves to pray...but we are working on her content!  She is very affectionate and loving!

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