Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Samuel at 2 months!

Stats: 12.2 lbs, 24inches
We love having Samuel in our family and can't imagine life without him. His tummy is still fussy, but we are on the pear juice,levison drops and zantac routine.  He has already changed so much...he's so sweet!

Friday, December 2, 2011


Watcha think?  The first is Jude, the second is Nathan and the last is Samuel.  It is amazing how different Nathan and Jude look now...makes me curious about Samuel.  
I'm so thankful for these future men of God...what a privilege and responsibility it is to raise these boys in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  I am praying big things for them and try daily to pray they will love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

who's who?

People are always asking me who Samuel looks like as a baby.  I immediately think of Nathan!  Don't you think? The first picture is Samuel and the second is Nathan.  The only exception is that Samuel 's face is a little rounder and Nathan's is longer.  I have such good memories of Nathan as a it is sweet to think they are similar!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Nathan"s fun school days

 Storybook character parade.  Nathan wanted to be Christopher Robin, which was so sweet to me. The costume was hard for me to know how to dress him any different than he normally looks. All the kindergarten classes paraded through every elementary class and it was precious.
 His class did a "Fathers Feast" and only the fathers got invited! Eric said Nathan was so proud of himself in his lil play and sang the loudest when they performed their songs.  His teachers told Eric they put Nathan up front during the "Turkey Tango" with his partner b/c he took it so serious and wasn't embarrassed like some of the others.  I hope his innocence never wears off!

This is from Hoe-down day!
Kristen, that hat was the BEST party favor!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Samuel at 1 month!

9lbs 1oz.
21 1/2 in. 
I can't believe its been a month!!  I will let these pictures tell the story of his first month!   I am so thankful for him!  His digestion is still his biggest issue these days...but we are still enjoying him despite the long days and nights.  I keep remembering...they do all sleep and stop crying eventually, right? We are so thankful for friends and family that have loved on us this month.  The meals have been sooooo helpful and the phone calls have been very encouraging.  Our sweet journey groups pitched in together and gave us a new CAMERA!!!  We are so here's to making memories!

Naomi's eye surgery

So, here is a post i didn't have a picture for.  Naomi had surgery on both of her eyes at the end of October.  It is a surgery that we knew was inevitable...but was suprized at our last eye exam when the Dr. suggested it was time to correct her eyes.  She has a condition called exotrophia.  It is the turning out of the eyes. It is not a problem with her vision, it is a condition in which her brain does not send the right message to her eyes.  So, in the surgery they tighten the muscles which can only last a short span of years.  We will not know for 6mos. if this surgery will be the only surgery she will need or if she will need it every 5 yrs or so.

She did great!  Her surgery was scheduled for 9am but didn't get taken back until 12 and couldn't eat or drink anything.  She went back with the nurse and didn't cry! She was totally subdued when she woke up from the anestetia and was totally out of sorts for the rest of the day.  When she woke up the next day she was a new person!  It will ake 10 days for the bleeding in her eyes to go away...but it is looking so much better.  We are hoping we don't have to do this again!

Halloween 2011

Pumpkins Picked
Pumpkins carved

My pumpkins minus Nathan

Naomi and her friend Elcee
 We decided to go trick-or -treating on Ridge this year to visit some friends.  It was more manageable than we anticipated.  We got to meet up with some friends, which made it more fun! 

Dennis Family: we missed you!!!

 Naomi cheezing it!  She wanted her nose painted just because i painted Judes...not sure a ladybug needed it!

And... the cutest dalmation you have ever seen: Jude!
Nathan and Catch: ultimate super-heroes

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

First days home!

My sweet friend, Robyn, has generously let me borrow her camera to capture some of Samuel's firsts!

I am learning that the more kids you have the smaller chance you have to take a picture with everyone looking at the same time! 
I guess i spoke too soon about Samuel's tummy issues. Eric and I have been trying to talk each other into believing he is just having normal baby gassy issues and that this one is gonna be our "good" one! Ha!
After consecutive days of grunting, straining, crying and no dirty diapers we have settled in to the fact that the Lord has given us good experience to know how to love this sweet little guy!  At the drs. office today he joked with me that we only produce babies with bad tummies!   I love the kids" pediatrician and he is always encouraging and he reminds me that they all get through it and are completely healthy afterwards.  Right now i am trying to get him to gain weight....still not at his birth weight!  He also still has some jaundice issues(which you might notice in his tan skin!) and getting him to use the bathroom.

We still adore him and are so in love with him...just hate to see him so uncomfortable! Again...we have so much to be thankful for!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Introducing Samuel Joseph Ashley

Samuel Joseph Ashley
7lbs 8oz. 20 3/4 inches
Born September 30,2011
 9:46 am

Samuel's due date was October 23rd!  I knew I was getting close, but when my water broke at 8:15am on last Friday morn, I was in disbelief and panic!  Since my last two labors were extremely short after my water broke(like 1 1/2 hrs and 45mins) I just knew i wouldn't make it in time for an epidural and was just in tears by the time I made it to the hospital.  All of the nurses were so kind and really tried to do all they could do to get me an epidural.  By the time they got me back to a room there was a nurse anesthetist waiting for me and she wasted no time.  She was wonderful and was not scared to try one on my even though I have a rod in my back!
By the time the epidural took effect, my Dr. arrived and it was time to push!  I felt most of the contractions, but the delivery was the best one out of the four! And when they placed sweet Samuel on my chest it was all worth it!  We did have to stay a 3rd night in the hospital due to his bilirubin levels....but he is doing great now that he is eating well!  It was sad having him under the lamp since i had to leave him there as much as possible and hard to be away from the other kids so long.

The kids love him so much.  Each of them have their own way in showing it.  Naomi doesn't want to leave my side and thinks this is her baby! Jude is so excited about him but is so physical that i am afraid he is gonna squeeze him too hard or knock him out when tries to "pet" him.  Nathan is so sweet and considerate with him, not wanting to wake him up.  The first day home was hard with everyone trying to deal with the transition...but has been good since.  Next week will be the real test when Eric goes back to work.

For those of you who know my history with babies who have bad digestion, i am very hopeful this time.  He has had a little bit of issues, but i am still getting a good chunk of sleep in between feedings.  Keep praying!  

I don't know if it is because he is our last baby, but I am so in love with him and want to savor every moment!  I am so happy and thankful...i don't want to take this blessing lightly!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Naomi!

Naomi wanted to have a "strawberry shortcake sprinkler" that"s what we did.  I wouldn't recommend doing when your 8months pregnant...but she had a blast!

A Naomi update Naomi loves people, especially her family! Can play cars/trains with the best oof them but loves her girly toys too! She thinks she is the boss and loves calling the shots.  She misses her brother while he is in school...but calls her ballet class her school.  She loves ballet. She loves to eat(she is our meat eater)!  She is over 100% in height on the growth chart and 80% in weight!  She loves Sunday School and her Wednesday night journey group.  She loves to pray...but we are working on her content!  She is very affectionate and loving!