Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Nathan!!!

We were able to go to the Aviation Museum in Warner Robbins for Nathan's 5th birthday party! It was so fun and we were thankful that some of his sweet friends were able to come and celebrate with him!

The big 5 is a little hard for me to swallow...for some reason it seems like such a milestone birthday! He has changed our lives so much... and i cannot imagine my
life with out him! We are so thankful for our first baby....

*He is still really tall and thin( i'll have to share the stats after his checkup)
*He is still really picky and still has a sensitive gag reflex(throws up easily when he smells something strong) Somedays i think he survives on yogurt, bread, applesauce and cheese!
*He is introverted...but is vocal when he feels comfortable.
*He loves doing art( got this from Eric)...daily he is drawing some animal or wanting to make a creation!
*He can count to 100 and write pretty good as long as he can write in giant letters.
*He loves singing and music
*He loves being outside
*He loves his baby brother and is so kind and caring to him( and Jude loves him back)
*He tolerates his sister and agravates her well.
*He cannot smile to save his life...poor guy!
*He knows all the rules and makes sure everyone follows them.
*He still thrives in order and wants to organize and clean(which is helpful to me!)
*Is tender toward the Lord and asks good questions when we read and pray nightly... has even asked Jesus to come into his heart...(but i am not sure he understood it)

We are so thankful for you Nathan- your name means gift of God and that is truly what you are to us!