Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some fall things we have been doing!

This has been a fun month filled with fun adventures. I get overwhelmned by wanting to document here is my attempt to remember the fun memories!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Hair!

I wish so bad I could access my pictures of Nathan at this age b/c he had the same dilema! I really do try to make it lay down after his baths....but it has a mind of its own. Poor guy gets his hair patted constantly. You would be suprized by the people who think i actually style his hair this way! Truth is, i am happy to just get mine and Naomi's hair fixed these days- esp. on Sundays! Not until i reach church and an elderly member will tell me that there is concoctions that i can put on his hair to make it lay down- do i realize that i have not even given his hair a second glance. He does makes me feel like a rockstar though, b/c anytime we go anywhere -people are pointing/ smiling/ laughing! People are constantly coming up to me in public and Jude has become my way to talk to complete strangers. I anm gonna be sad when his hair begins to behave....but for now i will enjoy his goofiness.