Saturday, September 18, 2010

slowly getting normal

We have had computer difficulties for the past couple months and our beloved computer(along with all my beloved pictures) just died! So, i have a good excuse in not updating our blog and recording all the wonderful memories of the summer. When we decide to pay the money to recover our hard drive i will try to back up....but for now:
* I am doing some pre-K stuff with Nathan (and Naomi thinks she is doing it!) and he is absolutely loving it! We are using - it is a free curriculum that focuses on Godly character traits. He is writing and LOVES learning to read a little and doing art. I really think he is gifted in art....he has really become creative and will spend 30- 1hr. doing art by himself. He totally got that from Eric!

* Jude is just the sweetest baby ever! I just started eating a little chocolate and he has been fine! I have been doing it after he goes to bed at night so maybe that is part of why...but i will take what I can get. I think he still has some issues dairy... but i am gonna try to experiment some this week. He has only been waking once a night and then goes right back to sleep after i feed funny that I am content with that!
He will just go to anyone that holds him and smiles sooooo big at everyone. I think he has brightened many peoples day!
He has found his voice and loves to scream just for the fun of it in public!

*Oh Naomi...she is sooooo very full of emotions! I don't know if all 3 year old girls are like this... but if i had a quarter for every time i say to her " the bible says to be self that is why you need to control your emotions and calm down then we can talk..." I would be rich! The smallest thing trigger her emotions and then the dam breaks. Sometimes her emotions wakes her youngest brother up from naps.... and then that is when I have to exercise self control!

She is the life of the party though and she makes her brothers laugh so much with her silliness!
She amazes me with how much she has just picked up listening to Nathan... sometimes it is like she doesn't even try and she does things well

* Eic- well he is amazing. We don't get as much time together as we would like...but when we do it is so rich. He is such a serving husband and devoted dad. He is really busy with some programs starting up for the fall....but never makes us feel like he doesn't have time for us. So thankful he is mine!

more to come....