Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Naomi is 3!

We had such a fun cinderella celebration to celebrate Naomi's 3rd year of life. We are so thankful for you Naomi....you bring much spice and joy to our lives. My job as a mother would be boring without your daily challenges:)
A Naomi update:
*You are 99 percentile in height and 95 percentile in weight:)
*you love snuggling with Mommy and daddy!
*you love aggravating your brothers and using your defense of screaming
*you love food....anything really! Your favorites are meat, chocolate milk,emalade and any food that is pink!
*your favorite colors are pink and purple.
*your imagination is amazing...always playing something that involves a trip and your dress up clothes and you usually convince your brother to play "mom and dad" or "princess and prince."
*you can already ride a bike...if you are in the mood!
*you can count to 20, know your colors, abc's and think you know how to write your name.
*you are the extrovert...coming alive whenever we have any company!
*You love to sing...LOUDLY.
*You insist on dressing yourself and putting on your shoes on the wrong feet.
*You use the potty..BY YOURSELF like you like to do everything.

We are praying God will use you as a great leader for His glory in the future. We pray that he will use your passion and emotions to be captivated by His love first before anything else tries to capture your affection.

We love you Naomi!

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