Sunday, July 11, 2010

Memorial weekend- Grad n Career Retreat in Destin

The group wanted to get a cheesy " family " beach picture with white shirts on. I did't snap one of the whole group- but here is one of some of the men.

I tried to snap a picture of all of the kids. They are all about the same age give or take a couple of months! This is the best we could get.

Naomi and John David- our middle children. I think Naomi got on John David's nerves...she is just so sweetly affectionate!

Our weekend in Destin with the Grad n Career group from our church was really refreshing...and yes i can say that with all three kids in tow. We were able to have some luxuries...1 being able to bring a babysitter with us and 2- being that we traveled on a church bus and the kids were able to stretch out and be entertained the 6-7 hours by all the kind 20 somethings that rode with us! The 3rd luxury was that our church met up with the single group from Briarwood Presbyterian( Birmingham, Al.)- which is led by my childhood friend's husband. I was able to see my dear friend "Buffy" and all our kids were able to hangout some. We were pulled in many directions so we didn't get a lot of time together...but it was so fun to partner with her again! The kids had a blast and were able to use their new..but not so confident skills aquired from their dear swim teacher! They loved going to the meetings and everyone really cared for them. This Grad n career group at our church is so special- they really love each other and have such a heart for our city. It was a privilege to be with them and to be involved in this group!