Sunday, May 16, 2010

Presents For Me!

I have had some of the best presents in the past month:

Anniversary present: two nights in Jacksonville with just eric and.... jude! It was so nice to look out in the morning and see the ocean!

Birthday present: well my birthday isn't until July, but Eric saw this great tumbler for me and knew i could use it for my daily water drinks. It looks like a plastic cup- but it is actually a sturdy cup with a permanent Straw. I love that Eric knows what makes me happy.

Anniversary and Birthday present but it feels like a mother's day present: Eric's parents gave us this wonderful playset for the kids. Eric's dad worked on it some and then came spent the whole day putting it together with Eric. Eric worked hard to lay the on mulch and bricks and it has made our backyard so wonderful. We have spend all week outside and eating picnic lunches out there. It has been soooooooooo nice!

Mother's Day Present: these are my favorite roses. My sweet husband took my kids to pick these out for me! Flowers are so not practical....but so nice every once in a while to be surprised with!

Thanks Eric for all my wonderful always make me feel like a queen!


淑芳 said...

很期待新的內容,幫你推個文^^ .............................................

Kristen said...

what wonderful gifts! and you deserve all that and even more :) jackson flipped out when he saw the new playground. i know you all have been enjoying it and we can't wait to come play!

Deidre said...

I want to come play on your swingset!!