Monday, May 24, 2010

Every spring we look forward to going to the strawberry patch. It is a blast for the kids. Strawberries, animals, hay-ride and of course strawberry ice cream!

For the past three years we have been able to make a trip with Nathan's best buddies- Jackson and Catch or AKA David Green and Matthew Stafford.

Naomi and her friend "Baby Kate." Naomi usually smothers her- but Kate didn't mind a little affection this day.

On the hay ride....don't you wish you knew what they were talking about.

Jude's first hayride! Thanks Kristen.

This video was taken from our first trip with Eric. You think Naomi enjoyed the ice cream?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Presents For Me!

I have had some of the best presents in the past month:

Anniversary present: two nights in Jacksonville with just eric and.... jude! It was so nice to look out in the morning and see the ocean!

Birthday present: well my birthday isn't until July, but Eric saw this great tumbler for me and knew i could use it for my daily water drinks. It looks like a plastic cup- but it is actually a sturdy cup with a permanent Straw. I love that Eric knows what makes me happy.

Anniversary and Birthday present but it feels like a mother's day present: Eric's parents gave us this wonderful playset for the kids. Eric's dad worked on it some and then came spent the whole day putting it together with Eric. Eric worked hard to lay the on mulch and bricks and it has made our backyard so wonderful. We have spend all week outside and eating picnic lunches out there. It has been soooooooooo nice!

Mother's Day Present: these are my favorite roses. My sweet husband took my kids to pick these out for me! Flowers are so not practical....but so nice every once in a while to be surprised with!

Thanks Eric for all my wonderful always make me feel like a queen!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jude's Baptism

Mother's Day was a special day for me- esp. b/c we were able to get Jude baptised and share it with my mom and mother- in- law. The Baptism was sweet- no crying or disasters. Naomi was looking at me for approval to get into the baptismal the whole time though.

You will notice in the picture that our baptism wardrobe for Jude is very casual...not what you would commonly see in the traditional "First Presbyterian" of the south. My sister said she heard the lady behind her say " where is his baptism gown?" That's right my mid-western and northern friends- it is very common for baby boys to wear dresses and not just to get baptized!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jude at 3 months old!






I can't believe how is a growing! I know you are all in suspense about his tummy issues. After cutting everything imaginable out of my diet for the last 2 months... there is a little bit of improvement. I have added everything back into my diet except Dairy, CHOCOLATE, nuts and caffiene. Oh i have to add shellfish to that list..i had crab on our anniversary and let's just say...i will never do that again!
My Pediatrician said around 4 months he should be able to digest some of these proteins better...i should of got it in writing! I am hopeful though. He doesn't scream constantly anymore (except when i eat something that offends him), but just moans and strains all night with spurts of crying. The stretches are getting longer and i am able to handle the lack of sleep better- without caffeine mind you!

It is funny to look back on Nathan's first 3 months of life(he had the typical colic where he cried every afternoon from 3-8ish.) It was so hard for me then-but i only wish that is what these other two had- atleast it would of stopped at 3 months! It is funny to think about what you thought you could never handle.

The two things I knew i could never handle before kids was 1- natural childbirth and 2- a baby with Colic!

OK, enough of my complaining. Jude is starting to laugh and talk and he totally melts me when he smiles. His doctor said to start him on cereal because of his allergies. He screamed at me the first 2 times, but now he has got it down and gets mad when i am done. I don't know if it helps his issues....but it is a relief to me to give him something else to eat...if you know what i mean. N & N are starting to enjoy him and interact with him more. I must say that Naomi is gonna make that boy tough. The picture above explains their relationships well. She is so aggressive by let's just say i never leave them two alone in a room. She has already stepped on his foot, head-butted him and squeezed his hand to the point of him screaming. She is not trying to be mean...she is just so clumsy and aggressive.

We are so thankful for life with him and want to treasure these days.