Monday, April 5, 2010

Jude at 2 months old!

His Stats-
Weight: 13lbs. 11 oz.- 80%
Height: 24 3/4 inches- 95%

Another big baby! This is the funny akward stage to me...when they are fat and starting to loose hair. He is so sweet though... when he feels good! To update you on the tummy issues: no new improvement. I did the elimination diet for 5wks and it didn't help- i couldn't pin point anything. I have been adding back things in my diet and i never new macaroni and cheese and chocolate cake tastes so good. I didn't notice any change as I added them back in! My pediatrician still thinks he cannot digest some sort of protein...even though we have eliminated them all. He said we could try the pre- digested formula like we did with Naomi- but it really didn't help her! He thinks these tummy issues are hereditary and as his tummy matures he will be able to digest better. We decided to wait it out - b/c i am not convinced the formula will help and I really want to keep nursing! We have him on some stomach cramping drops that seem to help some and will probably try cereal at 3 months to see if that is easier to digest.
We are surviving though...though we are up a lot with him- when his stomach calms down he immediately goes back to sleep. He really does want to sleep... so i feel so sad for him. It doesn't seem as bad as it was with Naomi- but i am not sure if it is b/c we are more used to it. He is starting to smile and coo some...and it gives us a glimpse of the happy baby he will be soon.

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The Stout Family said...

Sad to hear that Jude's tummy is hurting! Got your announcement. Your family is precious.