Saturday, February 27, 2010

Jude at 1 month old

His Growth Statistics:
Height: 22 1/2 inches- 83 percentile
Weight: 10 lbs 2 ounces- 65percentile

He is growing too fast! I always get so sad about how fast my babies grow. They get so "not newborn looking" so quickly! My babes seem to get fat fast!

I have been hesitant to report on his temperament and tummy issues- hoping they would clear up and I could chalk it up to "transitioning to life." But, I am afraid I have a fussy one- again. You could rationalize, like I- "You can't have three babies that scream all the time? Could you?" Just like I rationalized "You can't have three dreadful deliveries, could you?" No joke- when they brought him to me from the nursery at the hospital he was screaming and he has not stopped!
So, the first picture is how I want to remember these days and the second is really how we live these days. My dr. says it is probably an over- active digestive tract, yet, I can't help to think it is linked as well to allergies. So, I am doing a crazy elimination diet for 2 wks. to see if I see any change. If nothing else, maybe it will kick start my weight loss- along with all the bouncing, walking, swaying, carrying this 10lb and growing baby tight up against me...etc. that I am doing.

On a funny note, the kids have been hilarious about it... Nathan walks around with his hands over his ears and rying to sing to him and Naomi goes back and forth from saying " it's ok budddy, it will be alright" and saying "stop it, stop it!"

Overall- we are thankful for a healthy little boy and know one day he will be running around like the other two!


Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Oh Annette,
I've been anxiously awaiting a Jude update, hoping upon hope that he would be easier for you. It IS hard to understand why God would give you that same trial three times...I was really hoping so much that you would be spared this time. I am quite sure that God is refining you into a MUCH more patient, merciful mother than the rest of us are as a result of all of your long-suffering with your babes!
At least you know that you have a lot of prayers being said for you and Jude and the family!

I hope sensitive little Nathan is able to be long-suffering in it too! I know that kind of thing would send our stress level through the roof with the hyper-sensitive issues we've got going on here, so we will pray for Nathan especially - as well as for you and Eric, of course!!!

May you somehow find joy in these trials!

Danny and Aspa said...

No No No. Annette say it isn't so! I have been praying like crazy for this baby and his little GI tract. I am so sorry to hear this but now I'll start praying for it to be worked out quickly. I can come and help too!

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