Wednesday, January 20, 2010

when are you coming baby?

I am 38.5 weeks along and still no baby. I am thankful....but a little shocked. I really thought I would of gone earlier...but today i am fine with it. My dr. offered to induce me yesterday, but due to the fact that epidurals don't take wonderful on me i am scared to death it will be a long painful labor with no helpful medicine. My Dr. assures me that it shouldn't take long since my body is progressing like it is- but I think we are gonna just stick it out. If we get to my due date(30th) I will definitely reconsider. Maybe keeping this baby in will make them fat, happy, very developed and make my dream of having an easy, non-stomach problem baby come true.

I know many of you want me to post a picture of myself with child...but i just cannot do it- it is not a memory i really want to remember. Just picture a very out of shape pregnant woman who looks like they are about to bust. I am trying to enjoy this time- without being selfish about my weight- after all I will have the rest of my life to get back in shape, right?

By the way, i used to be convinced this baby was a boy- but i really will be surprised - i have no clue! I am so excited we didn't find out the sex- it gives me something to look forward to through this pain that awaits!


Hurst Family said...

Thanks for the post, Annette. I was wondering!! I diddn't like to take pics of me pregnant, either and still don't like to look at the ones I do have!!:) The wonderful thing is all the pics of the baby that come from the nine months of being big, pregnant, and "patiently" waiting!!

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Wondering if you are still pregnant?! :) Can't wait to hear the news! I hope you will post soon after s/he arrives!

That is SO FUN that you are not finding out the gender! We just had our ultrasound today and stayed strong and didn't find out! It will be so much fun on the birth-day!!!

Hang in there~! Probably just a few more days!!!