Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a....

Beautiful Boy!

Daniel "Jude" Ashley arrived last night at 8:06pm.
He was 7 lbs. 13 oz. and was 21 inches long!
We are so very thankful for him!

I will give you the short story: I was contracting regular all afternoon and my doctor wanted to check me out at the office before sending us to the hospital. He said he thought i was in early labor- so it would take a while but when ahead and sent us to the hospital. He was predicting the middle of the night- of course i was thinking it would be a lot quicker than that since my other babes came quickly. I tried to be a patient, submissive patient- but tried to encourage the giving of an epidural quickly since with Nathan the anesioligist wouldn't try and with Naomi it only kicked in at the in. I really wanted the dream delivery of all those women who say they never feel any pain and the doctors have to wake them up to push the baby out. Of Course- before the time they got that first bag of IV fluids in me i was dialated completely and was dying!!!!!!!!!!!!! I knew we were in trouble when the nurse checked me for the first time and then immediately walked out of the room without saying a word to us. In followed a team of frantic medical help and the doctor quickly ran in. What happened after that was a blur...Eric immediately went into -"you can do this" mode as i just wanted to jump out of the bed and run out of the hospital. I really was out of my mind in crazy pain. I felt like i had to appologize to the doctors and nurses afterwards b/c i really was a crazy person.
So, from the time my water broke and the time Jude was born it was 1 hour and 20 mins! The Lord really was my strength! I am so thankful I am a Christian- i don't think i could of done it in my own strenth!

I instantly fell in love with sweet Jude! Somehow when they placed him on my chest- i could endure the rest of the pain of getting "fixed up" and slowly began to fofget what just happened to my body. I didn't get to hold him for long b/c he was having some trouble breathing and had to take him to the level 2 nursery. My doctor said sometimes babies that have quick deliveries do not have much transition time in the birth canal and cannot transition to breathing on their own quickly. We got him back in the room by midnight- but then had to send him back at 4am and now have him back with us. I think he has transitioned now and we are just loving on our new sweet, sweet baby.

I have really been so full of thankfullness all day. The Lord's gifts to us have been so lavish! I know i could never earn or deserve God's gifts- but i have really been overwhelmed with how gracious and giving the Lord has been to us undeservingly.
I just love newborns- they remind me of God's miracles and His tender mercies toward me.
Thank you Lord for sweet Jude- may you be glorified and exalted by his life!


Katherine said...

Welcome to the world little Jude. Annette, you're amazing. Congratulations Ashley Family!

Hurst Family said...

Congratulations Ashley family!!! What a sweet boy. I love his name !:)
So thankful the Lord guided you through! What an amazing delivery.

tebbano family said...

Praise the Lord for a beautiful, healthy baby! Congratulations, Annette and Eric! Annette, as always you look amazing after just having had a baby. Blessings to the 5 of you!

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

Congrats, Annette! I am SO AMAZED that you had a natural childbirth and survived it! You are amazing!!!
My heart really empathizes with you about not getting that delivery you've always hoped for as I am really hoping for the birth I've always desired....yet I often doubt God will choose to give it to me. I'm sorry that you didn't get the pain-free delivery you've always wanted.
My pain-free delivery with Aiden was wonderful - but I've been in chronic pain ever since that epidural wore off from my dumb tailbone. I'm so happy for you that as hellish as that pain was -- that it is now behind you!

Maybe next time??? :)