Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Nathan!!!

We were able to go to the Aviation Museum in Warner Robbins for Nathan's 5th birthday party! It was so fun and we were thankful that some of his sweet friends were able to come and celebrate with him!

The big 5 is a little hard for me to swallow...for some reason it seems like such a milestone birthday! He has changed our lives so much... and i cannot imagine my
life with out him! We are so thankful for our first baby....

*He is still really tall and thin( i'll have to share the stats after his checkup)
*He is still really picky and still has a sensitive gag reflex(throws up easily when he smells something strong) Somedays i think he survives on yogurt, bread, applesauce and cheese!
*He is introverted...but is vocal when he feels comfortable.
*He loves doing art( got this from Eric)...daily he is drawing some animal or wanting to make a creation!
*He can count to 100 and write pretty good as long as he can write in giant letters.
*He loves singing and music
*He loves being outside
*He loves his baby brother and is so kind and caring to him( and Jude loves him back)
*He tolerates his sister and agravates her well.
*He cannot smile to save his life...poor guy!
*He knows all the rules and makes sure everyone follows them.
*He still thrives in order and wants to organize and clean(which is helpful to me!)
*Is tender toward the Lord and asks good questions when we read and pray nightly... has even asked Jesus to come into his heart...(but i am not sure he understood it)

We are so thankful for you Nathan- your name means gift of God and that is truly what you are to us!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

For GiGi

To add to your bathroom wall of your bathing beauties!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Some fall things we have been doing!

This has been a fun month filled with fun adventures. I get overwhelmned by wanting to document here is my attempt to remember the fun memories!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Hair!

I wish so bad I could access my pictures of Nathan at this age b/c he had the same dilema! I really do try to make it lay down after his baths....but it has a mind of its own. Poor guy gets his hair patted constantly. You would be suprized by the people who think i actually style his hair this way! Truth is, i am happy to just get mine and Naomi's hair fixed these days- esp. on Sundays! Not until i reach church and an elderly member will tell me that there is concoctions that i can put on his hair to make it lay down- do i realize that i have not even given his hair a second glance. He does makes me feel like a rockstar though, b/c anytime we go anywhere -people are pointing/ smiling/ laughing! People are constantly coming up to me in public and Jude has become my way to talk to complete strangers. I anm gonna be sad when his hair begins to behave....but for now i will enjoy his goofiness.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

slowly getting normal

We have had computer difficulties for the past couple months and our beloved computer(along with all my beloved pictures) just died! So, i have a good excuse in not updating our blog and recording all the wonderful memories of the summer. When we decide to pay the money to recover our hard drive i will try to back up....but for now:
* I am doing some pre-K stuff with Nathan (and Naomi thinks she is doing it!) and he is absolutely loving it! We are using - it is a free curriculum that focuses on Godly character traits. He is writing and LOVES learning to read a little and doing art. I really think he is gifted in art....he has really become creative and will spend 30- 1hr. doing art by himself. He totally got that from Eric!

* Jude is just the sweetest baby ever! I just started eating a little chocolate and he has been fine! I have been doing it after he goes to bed at night so maybe that is part of why...but i will take what I can get. I think he still has some issues dairy... but i am gonna try to experiment some this week. He has only been waking once a night and then goes right back to sleep after i feed funny that I am content with that!
He will just go to anyone that holds him and smiles sooooo big at everyone. I think he has brightened many peoples day!
He has found his voice and loves to scream just for the fun of it in public!

*Oh Naomi...she is sooooo very full of emotions! I don't know if all 3 year old girls are like this... but if i had a quarter for every time i say to her " the bible says to be self that is why you need to control your emotions and calm down then we can talk..." I would be rich! The smallest thing trigger her emotions and then the dam breaks. Sometimes her emotions wakes her youngest brother up from naps.... and then that is when I have to exercise self control!

She is the life of the party though and she makes her brothers laugh so much with her silliness!
She amazes me with how much she has just picked up listening to Nathan... sometimes it is like she doesn't even try and she does things well

* Eic- well he is amazing. We don't get as much time together as we would like...but when we do it is so rich. He is such a serving husband and devoted dad. He is really busy with some programs starting up for the fall....but never makes us feel like he doesn't have time for us. So thankful he is mine!

more to come....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Naomi is 3!

We had such a fun cinderella celebration to celebrate Naomi's 3rd year of life. We are so thankful for you bring much spice and joy to our lives. My job as a mother would be boring without your daily challenges:)
A Naomi update:
*You are 99 percentile in height and 95 percentile in weight:)
*you love snuggling with Mommy and daddy!
*you love aggravating your brothers and using your defense of screaming
*you love food....anything really! Your favorites are meat, chocolate milk,emalade and any food that is pink!
*your favorite colors are pink and purple.
*your imagination is amazing...always playing something that involves a trip and your dress up clothes and you usually convince your brother to play "mom and dad" or "princess and prince."
*you can already ride a bike...if you are in the mood!
*you can count to 20, know your colors, abc's and think you know how to write your name.
*you are the extrovert...coming alive whenever we have any company!
*You love to sing...LOUDLY.
*You insist on dressing yourself and putting on your shoes on the wrong feet.
*You use the potty..BY YOURSELF like you like to do everything.

We are praying God will use you as a great leader for His glory in the future. We pray that he will use your passion and emotions to be captivated by His love first before anything else tries to capture your affection.

We love you Naomi!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Jude 4-7 months!

I have been so bad this summer about documenting our sweet Jude's young life.
He is growing great and His tummy is starting to settle down and he is sleeping more(as of two weeks ago!)He has slept through the night once and on most night sleep a good stretch in there...but it really depends on what i eat that day as to how he sleeps that night. He still cannot tolerate dairy, nuts, caffeine,or yummy chocolate! I must say he is the most smiley and snuggly little guy....and we really are enjoying him! He is fat and content with not moving or sitting up yet. At his 6mos. check up he was 95% on the height chart and 80% on the weight chart.
Here is a collection of pictures from the past 3 months.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Memorial weekend- Grad n Career Retreat in Destin

The group wanted to get a cheesy " family " beach picture with white shirts on. I did't snap one of the whole group- but here is one of some of the men.

I tried to snap a picture of all of the kids. They are all about the same age give or take a couple of months! This is the best we could get.

Naomi and John David- our middle children. I think Naomi got on John David's nerves...she is just so sweetly affectionate!

Our weekend in Destin with the Grad n Career group from our church was really refreshing...and yes i can say that with all three kids in tow. We were able to have some luxuries...1 being able to bring a babysitter with us and 2- being that we traveled on a church bus and the kids were able to stretch out and be entertained the 6-7 hours by all the kind 20 somethings that rode with us! The 3rd luxury was that our church met up with the single group from Briarwood Presbyterian( Birmingham, Al.)- which is led by my childhood friend's husband. I was able to see my dear friend "Buffy" and all our kids were able to hangout some. We were pulled in many directions so we didn't get a lot of time together...but it was so fun to partner with her again! The kids had a blast and were able to use their new..but not so confident skills aquired from their dear swim teacher! They loved going to the meetings and everyone really cared for them. This Grad n career group at our church is so special- they really love each other and have such a heart for our city. It was a privilege to be with them and to be involved in this group!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Every spring we look forward to going to the strawberry patch. It is a blast for the kids. Strawberries, animals, hay-ride and of course strawberry ice cream!

For the past three years we have been able to make a trip with Nathan's best buddies- Jackson and Catch or AKA David Green and Matthew Stafford.

Naomi and her friend "Baby Kate." Naomi usually smothers her- but Kate didn't mind a little affection this day.

On the hay ride....don't you wish you knew what they were talking about.

Jude's first hayride! Thanks Kristen.

This video was taken from our first trip with Eric. You think Naomi enjoyed the ice cream?

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Presents For Me!

I have had some of the best presents in the past month:

Anniversary present: two nights in Jacksonville with just eric and.... jude! It was so nice to look out in the morning and see the ocean!

Birthday present: well my birthday isn't until July, but Eric saw this great tumbler for me and knew i could use it for my daily water drinks. It looks like a plastic cup- but it is actually a sturdy cup with a permanent Straw. I love that Eric knows what makes me happy.

Anniversary and Birthday present but it feels like a mother's day present: Eric's parents gave us this wonderful playset for the kids. Eric's dad worked on it some and then came spent the whole day putting it together with Eric. Eric worked hard to lay the on mulch and bricks and it has made our backyard so wonderful. We have spend all week outside and eating picnic lunches out there. It has been soooooooooo nice!

Mother's Day Present: these are my favorite roses. My sweet husband took my kids to pick these out for me! Flowers are so not practical....but so nice every once in a while to be surprised with!

Thanks Eric for all my wonderful always make me feel like a queen!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jude's Baptism

Mother's Day was a special day for me- esp. b/c we were able to get Jude baptised and share it with my mom and mother- in- law. The Baptism was sweet- no crying or disasters. Naomi was looking at me for approval to get into the baptismal the whole time though.

You will notice in the picture that our baptism wardrobe for Jude is very casual...not what you would commonly see in the traditional "First Presbyterian" of the south. My sister said she heard the lady behind her say " where is his baptism gown?" That's right my mid-western and northern friends- it is very common for baby boys to wear dresses and not just to get baptized!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Jude at 3 months old!






I can't believe how is a growing! I know you are all in suspense about his tummy issues. After cutting everything imaginable out of my diet for the last 2 months... there is a little bit of improvement. I have added everything back into my diet except Dairy, CHOCOLATE, nuts and caffiene. Oh i have to add shellfish to that list..i had crab on our anniversary and let's just say...i will never do that again!
My Pediatrician said around 4 months he should be able to digest some of these proteins better...i should of got it in writing! I am hopeful though. He doesn't scream constantly anymore (except when i eat something that offends him), but just moans and strains all night with spurts of crying. The stretches are getting longer and i am able to handle the lack of sleep better- without caffeine mind you!

It is funny to look back on Nathan's first 3 months of life(he had the typical colic where he cried every afternoon from 3-8ish.) It was so hard for me then-but i only wish that is what these other two had- atleast it would of stopped at 3 months! It is funny to think about what you thought you could never handle.

The two things I knew i could never handle before kids was 1- natural childbirth and 2- a baby with Colic!

OK, enough of my complaining. Jude is starting to laugh and talk and he totally melts me when he smiles. His doctor said to start him on cereal because of his allergies. He screamed at me the first 2 times, but now he has got it down and gets mad when i am done. I don't know if it helps his issues....but it is a relief to me to give him something else to eat...if you know what i mean. N & N are starting to enjoy him and interact with him more. I must say that Naomi is gonna make that boy tough. The picture above explains their relationships well. She is so aggressive by let's just say i never leave them two alone in a room. She has already stepped on his foot, head-butted him and squeezed his hand to the point of him screaming. She is not trying to be mean...she is just so clumsy and aggressive.

We are so thankful for life with him and want to treasure these days.