Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nathan's Early 4th Birthday Celebration!

This year I decided to have Nathan's birthday party a little early b/c 1- I am getting really pregnant right now and 2-It is hard for his favorite friends to make it on his real birthday( the day after Christmas.) I have felt like i really wanted to do something special for him this year...with the baby coming and all. I was worried about it b/c it was a 80% of rain and a high of 40 degrees....and our house is not the biggest. Thankfully, the rain held off until right when the party was over and the kids didn't seem to mind the cold. Eric borrow the " jumpy thing" from the church and we were able to play inside and out.
It was a really sweet celebration....he enjoyed all his little friends being here and in his shy way really loved being celebrated. The second picture really captures it as we sang " happy birthday" to him. He was showered with love and presents.
So, thank you to all the moms and grand moms who left their cosy warm house on Saturday morning to make my sweet little 4yr. old feel so special.


Kristen said...

Wouldn't have missed it! The party was great...thanks for letting us share in his celebration. Thankful for you and your precious family :)

Audrey Woita said...

nathan is four! how can it be?
He is looking so grown up now. it is amazing! Truly. And Naomi seems sweet as ever.

I've missed out on a lot not keeping up with your blog. Am excited for the next Ashley to appear!

Merry Christmas, dear sister!