Friday, December 4, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

If you overheard Eric and my conversations with the kids about Christmas you would hear something like this:

"Want do ya'll want for Christmas?"
Nathan: " A shirt with a pocket in it."
Naomi: "um... a snow man"

I love that they do not know the power they could have over me in asking for presents. I love giving i have been thinking about the things they would really enjoy that would last the year long...but these just remind me that the simpler the better.

Granted- Nathan's birthday is coming soon as well....and he has reported he wants a Mack truck and balloons for that....but he would be satisfied by a shirt with a pocket in it for Jesus' birthday.

I love celebrating Christmas!

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Hurst Family said...

I love it, Annette. That is precious!