Sunday, November 22, 2009

Warning: This is sad :(

Last Sunday Nathan fell at Sunday School on some playground equipment and we had to take him on his first trip to the ER. Thankfully he did not break his was just a bad contusion. It was heartbreaking for me b/c Eric and I was supposed to go on a conference on mon- thursday and send the kids to Eric's mom. Thankfully, he was really excited about going and my mother in law was experienced with 2 rowdy boys. GiGi spoiled him and kept him busy playing at his favorite place out in the country. This picture was day 6 after the i am thankful I did not have to see day 3-5( which my mother in law said was not too pretty.) He has been great about it...but my heart still breaks when I see him! I am sure this is just the first of heartbreaking accidents. Oh- the funny part is that the nursery accident report said " Nathan fell going up the steps" of the equiment. Poor guy...he has his mom's sense of balance!

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