Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Big Girl Bed and Paci

Eric and I knew we needed to work on a few transitions for Naomi before the new baby arrived. We were not sure how we were gonna tackle them. The first was pretty natural. There is a guest bed in Naomi's room right now, right by her crib. One night, Naomi was sick and Eric slept with her in the guest bed. After that day she wanted to sleep there instead. Granted, she was a little upset that Eric wasn't going to accompany her every night. I was really nervous she would try to get out....but she hasn't even attempted....yet! It has been about 2 weeks now and everytime she gets up from sleep she brags on herself, " I sleep in my big girl bed."

The second of many transitions was taking her paci away. I have had mixed feelings about this. Mainly because i have noticed she will suck her thumb from time to time during the day and I was so afraid we would be just taking away one habit only to allow her to form a new habit. I already have one thumb sucker that I cannot figure out how to I did not want that to happen to her. But, unfortunately I noticed she started biting her paci and it scared me with the choking hazard and all. So, that day I told her we needed to give her paci to the new baby and we went and put it in the area we are keeping all the baby things. That night she cried for 5 minutes and then just talked herself to sleep! She has been great since. I am still not sure how she gets herself to sleep. I have tried to peak in right after I think she goes to sleep and haven't noticed her sucking her thumb...but we will see.

All these transitions make me so sad. I know babies will grow up....but it is just hard to cope with sometimes!

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