Monday, September 14, 2009

"N" is for...

Both of them cheesing it
This is the other side of the room that will soon become "Naomi's side"

Maybe I should say "N" is for Nesting! I know many of my friends are wondering..."what has happened to Annette!" Believe it or not I have actually been sewing a little as well. I told Eric that I have become more domestic out of necessity! I have realized how cheap you can make things yourself. Both Nathan and Naomi's pictures will have costed me $10! Now, they might also look like they were that cheap too!

Though I know that it does look like a kindergartner did it...I am pretty proud of myself for attempting to make something crafty. I got the initial idea when I started thinking about what to do with Nathan's room when Naomi will be joining him in the coming months as we prepare for a new baby. His room was decorated in a sport's theme and I was trying to think of a way to decorate Naomi's corner of the room still somewhat girly. Well, Nathan decided that he liked a quilt that I had in his closet ( the cool yellow and blue one with all the patches of fun material- it is called an "I Spy" quilt) who was made from my dear friend Kim Skinner for him when he was born, better than his blue one that had balls on it. So, I thought maybe I could just decorate in primary colors. I wanted a picture above each of their beds so that they felt their corner was their own and kind of tied in everything. I thought about doing Naomi's picture the same way but with red ladybugs and hopefully find a simple quilt that will match everything. Last week I had just painted the "N" and some friends that were over for a Bible study helped me to develop my vision and gave me some confidence!

I have had to hide it from Nathan because he is so crafty and has wanted to help me so bad. Everyday he asks me if it is ready. He has been so excited about it. When I finally put it above his bed he said " Mommy, that looks Great, just Great!" I chuckeled as I thought, "well he really is the one I am aiming to please here...mission accomplished." Don't look too closelythough, b/c all kinds of things are off centered....but for now it works in my 3 yrs.old room. He was so excited that he wanted me to take a picture and then wanted to go down for his nap.

I often wonder how the Lord is going to use him...maybe an artist? Who knows...but it is exciting to dream for him.


Katherine said...

Great job! I'm impressed!

Kristen said...

I think it looks great! I love it when others get in touch with their crafty side :) Very proud of you!