Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stomach bug, Stomach bug go away!

Oh the dreaded stomach bug. Just to complain, i must vent here and say our family gets the stomach bug at least twice a year. I wasn't expecting it to hit us in August and my kids are not even in school! So, last Saturday Naomi got it...then she gave it to her friend Elcee who got it on Monday....then Nathan got it on Tuesday....then Naomi got it again on Wednesday....then Thursday night Eric got it. I have been popping those prenatal vitamins and have been a hand sanitizer freak. I haven't gotten it somehow( a miracle I think)...but i have had the mental nauseousness all week and have been about to go crazy stuck in the house with cranky patients.
Pray i don't get it...i am not a good throw-uper.
Thanks for letting me vent!


Katherine said...

Oh, Annette, I am so sorry that y'all are still dealing with this. I pray that it will go away real fast.

Hurst Family said...

Who is a great "throw upper??" Not me!!! I will pray that you don't get it and stay sane!