Monday, August 31, 2009

It strikes AGAIN!

Poor Nathan got it again this morning!
So, another day of letting him watch any video he wants in hopes to keep him on the couch so I can keep him away from Naomi. I apologize if we passed this to anyone unknowingly in the nursery yesterday.
Keep praying for my sanity!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Stomach bug, Stomach bug go away!

Oh the dreaded stomach bug. Just to complain, i must vent here and say our family gets the stomach bug at least twice a year. I wasn't expecting it to hit us in August and my kids are not even in school! So, last Saturday Naomi got it...then she gave it to her friend Elcee who got it on Monday....then Nathan got it on Tuesday....then Naomi got it again on Wednesday....then Thursday night Eric got it. I have been popping those prenatal vitamins and have been a hand sanitizer freak. I haven't gotten it somehow( a miracle I think)...but i have had the mental nauseousness all week and have been about to go crazy stuck in the house with cranky patients.
Pray i don't get it...i am not a good throw-uper.
Thanks for letting me vent!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday and Anniversary GiGI and Papa!


Hope your birthday and Anniversary has been wonderful!
We are so thankful for both of you! Your Marriage and walk with the Lord has been an inspiration to us!
We love you!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Naomi's 2 yr check up!

Her 2 year stats:

Height: 97%

The funny part is that Nathan wanted to step on the scale too and he is only one and a half. lbs. more than her!
Most of you know that they project what their height is going to be as an adult at this check up and she is projected to be 5'9- 5-10....i guess she will fit right in to our family!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Naomi's sick second birthday

Why do my kids always seem to get sick on their birthday?

Last night we were awoken to the lovely sounds of a child throwing up on the monitor in the 5am hour. I thought "no, not surely would she be sick....we have family and two of her favorite little girl friends coming over in just a few hours."

After staying up until midnight trying to perfect her little Elmo cake she was so excited about, i sat in her rocking chair with her until the sun came up comforting her in between bouts of yuckiness. It reminded me much of her days as an infant- sweet to hold her as she dosed in and out of sleep...but so sad to think she couldn't enjoy her day fully. I think i was sad for selfish reasons....i love birthdays and I love seeing kids delight in their favorite things and of course i was sad b/c i put so much time into cleaning the house, making food etc.

I called our friends and family and bravely they decided to come and celebrate with us despite the sickness. She through up again 15 mins. before they arrived! I do promise to take care of those cuties if they get was worth it to Naomi to have them here. She was satisfied after the first present and had no idea what to do with the abundance of gifts showered on her from everyone. Grandparents love to spoil!

Honestly i was trying to keep Naomi as far away from everyone as possible and so was my camera...but i am sure someone got a good shot of her blowing the candles out, even though she hasn't had a bite of the cake.
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On Nathan's second birthday we had to uninvite everyone b/c he had a high fever. He could of cared less about the truck cake i painstakingly made him. On his third birthday he had a cold...but we pushed through with it anyway.

Oh birthdays...why can my kids not enjoy you?

Monday, August 17, 2009

ok...this is really my last summer adventure: Annual reunion with Jax friends

I am so thankful that my sweet husband allowed me to skip town and head to the beach to reunite with some of my dear friends that I met while doing college ministry at UNF in Jacksonville. This reunion every year is such a highlight. It is refreshing to be with friends that you can stay in your pj's all day, and laugh and talk all hours of the night. It it so encouraging to be reminded of all the Lord has done and heartache he has brought us through each year.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Adventure #4

Our last summer adventure that we embarked on this summer is pregnancy #3! We are really excited and looking forward to this new adventure. I am 15 wks now and starting to not be sick anymore! It is amazing to me how fast my body has adjusted to being pregnant this time...i am already huge. It is gonna be ugly by the end- if you see me you can lie to me and tell me you think i look good! I think Nathan understands what is going on- he has been really sweet to babies lately and Naomi loves playing with her baby dolls right i think it will be fun for her. We are just praying for a healthy baby and are so thankful to be able to carry another baby!