Friday, July 3, 2009


Today was my 32nd birthday. I felt like i was treated as a Queen. Eric was off of work i really felt like I had a day "off." Naomi has been sick which actually made my day a bit easier b/c when she is sick she is lethargic and sleeps really good! My day began with bagels with a birthday candleand then we had a picnic lunch at Wesleyan while the kids where so happy to feed the ducks and throw rocks in the water. We all had a big fat nap and then Ali babysat so Eric and I went to a Japanese restaurant ( which i have been craving for a year!) We made it back in time to share ice cream cake with the kids. Naomi walked around all day saying " happy dirthday mama." What a fun day...and what a loving family and friends that make me feel so cared for.


Katherine said...

Happy Birthday, Annette! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Hope that this is the best year yet!

Hurst Family said...

Happy late birthday to you, Annette!! Your family made it special for you - how sweet!!!