Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Adventure #3

I still haven't figured out how to do slide i tried to pick some of my faves from our beach trip to Hilton Head. It was a great time.. I am still not sure if the beach with small kids will ever be restful....but definately a lot of fun. Naomi loved having all the family around to give her some undivided attention and Nathan LOVED the ocean. I am certain that Eric lifted him up out of the waves for hours a day. Thanks Papa and GiGi for letting us join you!

Happy 32nd Birthday Eric!

We got to celebrate Eric's birthday at the beach this year. Eric's family took us to supper and then we went walking at a marina. Quite fun for all. This video captures both kids personalities. Naomi...loving the attention and Sweet Nathan so sensitive...i think he hit his head on something.

Happy Birthday Eric! We love ya!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Summer Adventure #2

Three monkeys...Coleman, Nathan and Naomi
Cool shot if Eric and I didn't look so worried!
Digging for Dinosaurs at the Children's Museum
At the Curious George exibit. Coleman smiled so well when he was taking pictures with us ( sorry Aspa!)
The Lady cut off the big sign for the Aquarium above us!
The kids were amazed and totally entertained! ( Including Eric)
Me and a Butterfly...Nathan was seriously conserned and Naomi kept saying " butterfly on my shoulder!"
Nathan tryign to get the courage to feed a stingray...he totally chickened out!

This past week Eric led worship at a conference at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Ga. It was fun, despite the huge hills that i had to push my 65lb kids in a double stroller. Naomi loved it....all the action and people attention. Nathan warmed up to it....the highlight for him was getting to play with his buddy Coleman Clark. Coleman was so fun for him! The highlight for me was to catch up with our seminary friends the Clarks. We got to go to the Children's museum one day and the Tennessee Aquarium on another day. It was a fun week. We are leaving tomorrow for our next adventure. I love summer!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Today was my 32nd birthday. I felt like i was treated as a Queen. Eric was off of work i really felt like I had a day "off." Naomi has been sick which actually made my day a bit easier b/c when she is sick she is lethargic and sleeps really good! My day began with bagels with a birthday candleand then we had a picnic lunch at Wesleyan while the kids where so happy to feed the ducks and throw rocks in the water. We all had a big fat nap and then Ali babysat so Eric and I went to a Japanese restaurant ( which i have been craving for a year!) We made it back in time to share ice cream cake with the kids. Naomi walked around all day saying " happy dirthday mama." What a fun day...and what a loving family and friends that make me feel so cared for.