Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Adventure #1

Disney World and General Assembly in Florida with Nate Nate
I am so technically challenged and I have been trying to display a slide show but i don't think my computer is capable. But if anyone is interested in more pics.... you can check out this website.

We had a Great trip. It was so refreshing just having Nathan in the car for six hours...i really forgot he was there some of the time. I enjoyed my one on one time with him and i am sure Naomi enjoyed her one on one time with GiGi in South Ga. We are so thankful we had the opportunity to go to Disney on our last day there. My sweet friend Kristen gave us a ticket and my sweet sister in law had Disney connections and got us 2 more tickets! I must say though....with the cautious personality of my 3 1/2 year old mixed with the 1000 degree weather and crowded-ness of the park we probably did not get the most that Disney had to offer. With all that said we are glad we went and did not have Naomi this time.

The PCA's General Assembly was encouraging as well. Well, from my perspective i thought is was... Paul Tripp spoke to the Pastor's Wives.... and it was very helpful and challenging!
I am sure Eric was encouraged as well....but he tends to get "stirred up" at things that like...for better or worse.

The summer is a lot busier than i anticipated. We (or mostly Eric has night meetings at least 4 nights a week!) So, this trip was a nice break... and so will our next adventures.
Stay tuned....

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ashley family get to-gether!

The Ashley cousins and children!
GiGi and her youngest grandchildren.
Funny to me that under Eric's supervision Will is sucking on the tag of this stuffed animal.
The complete Ashley side of the family!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Getting ready for Church

Naomi primping before Church on Sunday.
Naomi with the hairspray...she daily asks for "some spray."
Having some fun while i am trying to get ready.
Classic Nathan and Naomi....Naomi being silly while Nathan would rather read a book.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Elcee's last day :(

We have exposed Elcee to all types of toys....trying to expose her to her options in the real world.
Giggly, wiggly toddlers.
Elcee giving Naomi Kisses.

We have been able to keep Elcee in the mornings since August. She has become like part of our family. The kids have loved having her around and it has been fun to watch her grow from a little baby to a walking and kinda talking toddler.
Thanks Elizabeth and Justin for allowing us to keep her!