Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday pictures

I love this picture b/c it really seems to capture their little personalities and they were both smiling! Ofcourse Nathan had to be holding a race car( that he is attached to these days!) and another toy.
This is a picture of me being held by my grandfather when i was around Naomi's age. Sad that i never really got to know him. But, my mom gave me this sweet little dress that i was wearing about a year ago. I have been waiting for it to get warm enough for Naomi to wear it! This picture reminds me of why i have not cut her bangs!
She definitely looks cuter in it than I did! I must admit it was a little barely covered her fancy pants...but i figured it was ok for a toddler to wear a short dress.
This is why i was late to sunday school...they were in a great mood so i had to take advantage of it!


Katherine said...

I love those smiley pictures! I saw Naomi in her dress at church and thought she looked so pretty!

Hurst Family said...

She looks so much like you!! How sweet of your mom to give you that dress. Love, Tara