Friday, April 17, 2009

Strawberry pickin'

Nathan and his buddies Jackson and Catch April 2009
April 2008
Naomi and her friend "Kay Kate"
Naomi and her strawberry basket
Naomi loving some strawberries
Elcee and her mom Elizabeth got to join us

So, i always look forward to a trip to Elliott's Farm to pick strawberries with our sweet friends- but this year i was a little apprehensive. Nathan has always had a very sensitive sense of smell. He threw up as a baby at any strong smelling food and can sniff out who has a dirty diaper in a room. Every morning we fight the battle of feeding Naomi fruit for breakfast (usually bananas and strawberries) and every morning he gags.... most mornings he asks to eat his breakfast by himself in the playroom. So, needless to say he was not very fun to be around in a field of strawberries and surrounded by the smell of animals and their bodily functions. We did get to go a hay ride pulled by a big tractor and that made up for everything in his eyes. Naomi on the other hand had a ball....she is a lot more fun loving and easy going than Nathan, so it is a good balance for each of them.


Katherine said...

We had so much fun with y'all!

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

So do you have to fight Nathan every morning to eat his bananas and strawberries....or is it Naomi? Or both?
I'm confused. Do either of them like strawberries?
Well, I'm so glad you all have a fun time anyway!
Strawberries won't be here for another month or so....can't wait!

Ashley Family said...

no he would totally throw up if I made him eat them...i just fight the fight of getting him to not throw up over Naomi's fruit eating...just the smell sends him overboard. He has a very sensitive sense of smell- my pediatrician says he should eventually outgrow it...but some kids just pick up all the smells. It doesn't excuse his pickiness, but i have learned when to fight my battles. Naomi and I love strawberries and definitely eat our share!