Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter 2009

Easter Morning! This is the only half way decent picture...it was definitely not a good picture morning- i guess this is right about when the sugar from the Easter baskets wore off.
Naomi and her matching hair bow that did not make it out the door...she was adamant about NOT wearing this thing!
One of many tries for a good Easter picture. Everyone was so goofy- including Jacob!
Again, another try!
Easter egg hunt after naps...everyone was in much better mood and GiGi, PaPa, Todd, Kathryn, Will and Alison joined us! This is Nathan "sharing" his egg after he gave it a good shake and assumed it was empty.
Naomi was very proud of herself in her cute outfit GiGi gave her.
After we ventured to die eggs. This is supposed to show you how dirty their hands were. Of Course Nathan was pretty neat...i had to keep Naomi from drinking the die!
Our crafty eggs!

Easter egg hunt with our Church. This was the story part..if you look closely Naomi is trying to escape and Nathan is staring at the ground.
Eating snacks with Jackson ( aka jac-kun from Naomi) and Mary Kate ( aka Kay- Kate)
Enjoying their treats...Easter cookies !

This has been a really sweet and fun Easter...it was the first Easter since having kids that I feel that I really enjoyed them enjoying the sweet message and fun of the season. On Easter morning we made "empty toombs" -which i was reminded about from my friend Kim. We put a marshmellow in the middle of a croissant and wrapped it up as we explained how Jesus was put in the toomb and rose again. After the croissants are cooked, we looked in to find that the marshmellow was gone. Trying to bring home the part of Jesus being alive... Nathan of course was very dissapointed that the Marshmellow was gone as he was longing to eat it. Oh well, maybe next year it will make more since. It really was a sweet time with family and friends. Thanks to everyone who helped me really celebrate Jesus being alive and real!

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