Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cord of Three Concert- Eric the Rock Star.

If you look real close you can see Eric in the back right playing the bass guitar. For those of you that do not know that Eric used to play in a band in college and a little after, he played in a band called A Cord of Three. He started off playing the bass and then eventually graduated to acoustic. I really didn't know Eric in his COT days... i think i saw one small concert when we were dating. It is a chapter i never really knew a lot about...so it was neat to hear him and the other guys at this benefit reunion concert they did this past weekend. The kids came and enjoyed it....but Naomi was a little concerned to see him on stage with out being able to go run to him. So, she just asked me to take her to the potty oh 20 times! Nathan was mesmerized and kept saying to me "my daddy is up there... he is the blue one( wearing a blue shirt with some special lighting.) PaPa and GiGi got to come and be with us and serve me as they entertained the kids so I could enjoy it some.

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Katherine said...

I hate that we had to miss it, but I heard that it was great from lots of people.