Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy 1st birthday Elcee!

Elcee Leslein is the sweet little girl that we have kept in the mornings since August. She has been so easy and fits right in with our crew! We are so thankful for her and her parents- who have meant so much to us and our kids. Elcee's mom ( Elizabeth)stays once a week at lunch time so I have been able to go to lunch with Eric. I can't believe 7 months have gone by so fast!
Happy Birthday Elcee!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The beginning of Cherry Blossom Fun

Naomi licking off the icing on her cherry blossom cookie.
Nathan trying to eat his cookie as fast as possible.
Loving on my little girl.
Nathan dreaming of the day he could drive a gator for real and Naomi loving it.
Nathan got to go inside a Ambulance and the EMT let him press the siren buttons and he thought he was in Heaven!
He also got to tour a firetruck... his day was complete!

We got to go on Saturday morn to some of the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Downtown Macon. Naomi came down with a 102 fever that afternoon and supposedly there is a fever virus going around... so hopefully we will be able to make it back out there later in the week.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Book suggestions anyone?

I am looking for some good story books for Nathan. He begs me to read Beatrice Potters' collection of Peter Rabbit and others and will want to read them forever! I must be honest, those stories get on my nerves. Sorry if i offend anyone. Does anyone have any ideas of good chapter books for a 3 1/2 boy?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Trying to make it through rainy days

Hide and go seek have become one of our faves. Of course, if a three yr. old is counting there are numbers skipped and eyes half covered. If you have an 18 mos. old hiding...then you have loud giggles that give her away- but it is a nice distraction from the rain.
Ready or not...
You might find some certain trains all lined up perfectly...until a certain little sister makes her way into the room! Oh the joy of a type A personality meeting a crazy girl that is not constrained by a type!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sweet Bedtime chats

Every night during our bedtime routine- Nathan and I read The Big Picture Story Bible. My sweet friend Susan Maynor gave it to us before we left STL and it has become our favorite. It has great pictures that keep Nathan's attention as well as a sound kid friendly perspective on the main stories of the Bible. When we finish it we just start back over. I am sure we have read through it 50+ times and the binding has all come loose. It is great for Nathan- b/c he tells me who all the characters are before we read the chapter. Tonight we read the last Chapter- summarizing John's revelation in the last days and Heaven. This chapter always leads to great 3 year old questions. Tonight, asked more questions about Heaven.

Question: who will be there? Nathan: Jackson, Catch, Evan, Naomi, Daddy, Papa , Gigi, Pilot Noah, Nicademas, Peter, Abraham and Jesus.

Question: How do you get there? Nathan: It is really far away-over the mountain , through the rain, swim through the water, pass the zebra and elephant, pass the big tree then it is at 756( which is our address) Heaven.

Question: When do we get to go? Nathan: When Daddy takes us

Prayer: Dear God, Thank you for Jackson, Catch and Evan going to Heaven with me. Thank you for Jesus being there. In Jesus name, AMEN

I do pray these things make there way to his heart soon.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

It does snow in Macon!

I know that all of my STL friends would get a good laugh at the fact that life shuts down around here when there is 2 inches of snow. Really, the grocery stores are all out of bread and milk, and they declared around 7pm that the schools are closed tomorrow. As you can tell, the south is just not set up to handle snow. I must say that Nathan and Naomi were beside themselves when they woke up from there naps and saw the ground covered white. Unfortunately, it was slushy and hard to really play with...but we had fun!