Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day Daddy.... we have missed you!

This is our surprise Valentine's present for Eric.
We went to Portrait Innovations. It wasn't the best experience. I think they can sniff out the people that are committed to the $9.95 special! Has anyone else had a bad experience with them? The camera person said to me after she could not get them to smile... " you keep them at home instead of daycare don't you."
Nathan catching some air on J.C.'s trampoline.
J.C. showing Nathan how it is done.
A poor picture... but we had to document all the kids.( John David, J.C., Nathan, and Naomi)
Sweet John David. Naomi followed him around the whole time and got on his nerves.... but she had fun!

Eric went with some guys from the church skiing in Colorado for the last 5 days! I was excited he got to go(b.c we all know i will never be a good companion in freezing weather trying to ski when i really would rather be in the lodge.) Any way, I packed up the kids and headed out to Birmingham to visit my child hood friend Buffy and her family. They were so gracious to let us stay 3 nights with them. It was so good to be with them and let our kids enjoy each other. Our oldest sons are a month apart in age and they played so well together the whole time. They were both really sad when we had to leave. Also, i was scared traveling with them for so long alone... but they both did amazing!

We didn't really get to enjoy V-day. I came down with the stomach bug ( for the 3rd time) on Wednesday night. I was so scared I was gonna give it to Eric before he left... so I didn't even get to do anything for him. He ofcourse treated all of us to sweet presents. Nothing edible ( since i was not eating) but it is always his tradition to give me valentine socks... which is so sweet b/c he hates shopping and he always picks me out some fun socks. He also got the kids some fun treats... socks, books and little yummy treats. I am ready for him to be back. I have so much respect for single moms out there....i don't know how they did it.

Naomi in action