Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Fun

Christmas Morn... it was really sweet and fun. This age for the kids is so fun. We are so thankful.
The loot.
The handy man consulting his side-kick.
Christmas Eve.
The three cousins: Nathan, Naomi and Jacob.
Nana delighted Naomi! The following morning Nathan took charge and "took his trains for a walk."
Christmas Day in Wray with the Ashley's.
The three cousins on the other side: Naomi, Nathan and Baby Will.
First Rice Krispie.
"Christmas Morn" in Wray.
Delighted Grandchildren.
Baby Will learned early from Nathan how to suck his thumb and caress his hair and ear.

It was an amazing Christmas... too many gifts, too much food and so much to be grateful for!

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Audrey said...

Great pix from Christmas! Cannot wait to see you this weekend. Party ON!