Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An apple a day...

This apple entertained her atleast 20 minutes. Why haven't i tried whole apples before?
Yes, she does just have 6 teeth... pretty good for 6 teeth!
This is supposed to be a post recording Nathan's 3 year check-up. But, these pictures are somewhat related. You know if you go to Dr. Berry here in Macon, that he gives the kids the nastiest sucker when they leave the office. I don't think i let Nathan have suckers until he was at least 2...but you know little sister has to have whatever Nathan does. The whole time (and i do mean the whole time) she pointed at the sucker canister and repeated " please" over and over until Dr. Berry actually gave her one. I even carried a bib in anticipation of the nastiness. Margaret Berry said as we were checking out...."she is the very reason i don't stop giving out suckers."
Ok, back to Nathan. He is maturing so much. I am so proud of him. He did not whine or cry once ( oh... well he did when Naomi had to get her booster shot)- but he did not have to get any shots. He is growing well. Still 90% on the height chart and 20% on the weight chart. I was worried he was too skinny and not eating the right things... but Dr. Berry is so encouraging and realistic. I am so thankful for him!

Happy 3rd Birthday Jacob

Jacob, my nephew turned 3 on January 15th. Nathan and Naomi and I were able to go to Griffin and join them for a McDonald's party and then cake at Nanna's house. My sister had to cover his mouth because he kept blowing out the candle before we sang the song. It is hard to believe this sweet, but healthy boy was a preemie and 6 weeks early! Now he is taller than Nathan and 20 lbs bigger. Maybe we are seeing a future Bulldog!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

St. Louis Visit

Sad that this picture is blurry.... but this is the only picture I got of Briggs Maynor. Susan, Eric and I got to take Briggs, Nathan and Naomi to the Science Center on Friday to the Discovery room. The kids had a blast. There was a huge Dinasour that Nathan was in awe over.
Our future doctor and nurse.
This was a highlight for her b/c i never let her touch our computer.
Out of all the exciting work stations you of course Nathan spent the majority of his time right here at the train table... with trains he plays with every day at home!

We got the opportunity to visit St. Louis a couple of weekends ago so Eric could take a weekend class at Covenant Seminary. It was a fun and encouraging weekend. As you can see, i only pulled out my camera one day. I missed taking photo's of my friend Susan and her oldest son Max who we stayed with 2 nights. Thanks Susan for loving us, feeding us and even clothing Nathan and sharing your heart and love for our Lord with us. Susan even let me go to class with Eric one night!

We got to visit with the Porters over lunch and meet their sweet new baby boy and play with their cute little Ella. The Gordon's housed us one night along with their five children and fed us a yummy dinner and breakfast(Maria, Eric wants me to get your recipe for the Lasagna and the baked oatmeal!) We got to see our friends the Pennylegions and all of sweet friends at Crossroads for church on Sunday. Surprisingly, Nathan even went in the nursery! It made me proud since i had a hand in a lot of the groundwork of the nursery there.

The plane ride was a major highlight of Nathan's short life....Naomi on the other hand would of probably appreciated if i drugged her with Benadryl. Unfortunately, she was definately " that kid" on the plane. But, we made it and it was way better than 12 hrs. in a car!

We got to see a little snow... which was so fun for Nathan and Eric and I were even able to swing by Il Vicino for our favorite pizza. Too bad we couldn't find any Frozen Custard anywhere. We were supposed to eat dinner with the Woita's, Vander Maas' and Pecks, but sadly Audrey came down with some flu-like symptoms.

We have such sweet memories of our time in St. Louis....and are so thankful for all the people who loved on us and helped us to grow!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Fun

Christmas Morn... it was really sweet and fun. This age for the kids is so fun. We are so thankful.
The loot.
The handy man consulting his side-kick.
Christmas Eve.
The three cousins: Nathan, Naomi and Jacob.
Nana delighted Naomi! The following morning Nathan took charge and "took his trains for a walk."
Christmas Day in Wray with the Ashley's.
The three cousins on the other side: Naomi, Nathan and Baby Will.
First Rice Krispie.
"Christmas Morn" in Wray.
Delighted Grandchildren.
Baby Will learned early from Nathan how to suck his thumb and caress his hair and ear.

It was an amazing Christmas... too many gifts, too much food and so much to be grateful for!

Birthday fun

The birthday boy before he blows his candles out... i think he sang as loud as anyone else.

Ofcourse, little sister had to have some cake and a present from GiGi- a wooden mixer complete with wooden cookies.
We were able to borrow the "big jumpy thing" from the church with the stipulation of Eric doing all the labor. It was definitely worth it... esp. since I didn't lift a hand. I think Nathan jumped straight for an hour!
This picture makes me laugh... like Nathan is telling Naomi to get out of his picture or something.
Nathan's train party was a success... he has played everyday with all his trains and tracks and has had loads of fun. Thanks to everyone who loved him this way and indulged him.