Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Rainy days in December

I was running out of ideas today... so with the rain pouring down outside i looked way up high on the book shelf to the books that i have not read to the kids yet. I pulled down the " Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein. I had totally forgotten what a sad book that is. By the time i realized it, Nathan was so engrossed and concerned for the tree. When i turned the last page Nathan looked at me with his lips trembling like he does when he is sad and terribly troubled and said "where did the tree trunk go? I want the tree back Mama." Somehow i managed to calm him down before he completely lost it. He is so tenderhearted. It is so interesting how he can perceive injustice or even evil... he knows it is not right. Such a reminder that God is at work in his little heart. I pray God uses him greatly.

On a funny note, yesterday Eric got him up from bed and he said " I blessed you ed all over my pillow." After i thought about it, i don't know if i have ever taught him the work sneeze.

Sadly somehow my camera decided to stop taking pictures right here in the middle of the Christmas Season.! That is why you might not see any pictures posted for a while and the reason for no Christmas card as of yet. It has been such a wonderful camera. Eric's parents gave it to us before Nathan was born. It makes me think of Nathan as I was so eagar to capture all of his "firsts." One of my technological friends needs to teach me how to post video on here. I have the funniest video of the kids decorating the Christmas tree and dancing to the Charlie Brown music. They truly look like the little kids that dance on the movie. If you come over ask me to put it on... it is worth a laugh.


Katherine said...

I love Nathan's tender heart. I definitely want to see the video one day.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

We watched "Charlotte's Web" tonight and Aiden was fretting and fretting over Charlotte dying. He's been saying "poor Charlotte" all evening. I wouldn't think it was that odd if not for Charlotte's being a spider. But Aiden seems to be tenderhearted - even to spiders. I think he and Nathan would get along well! :)