Monday, November 3, 2008

Ali's birthday Weekend

The birday girl and the BEST sister in Law!
Tigger and Piglet: I felt like this was the last year i could get away with doing something cute like this with Nathan. I had to coax him into it.... you know if you are Tigger you can jump really high!

Naomi's first lollipop! I know she is only 14 months.... but i got desperate after three hours in the car without a nap!

In action.

Ali's birthday cake... it was the worst pan cookie i have ever made... i cooked it too long and used margarine instead of butter and it was awful. Thankfully she was a good sport about it.This past weekend we got the chance to visit Eric's sister Alison in Montgomery, Alabama. We got there on Friday afternoon so we were able to do a little trick or treating with the kids. After we went to a few houses Nathan said, " I'm ready to go home. Let's go snuggle on the couch and eat a piece of Candy." I think that was my favorite quote of the weekend.

B/c we were in a different time zone... the kids went to bed before 7pm so Ali and I were able to go to dinner and leave Eric at home to listen for the kids and vegged on the couch.

Sat. we were able to see the sights and watch the sad UGA game. We were able to go to Ali's big church, Frazier United Methodist, where Ali works with the youth.
It was a great weekend and I am so thankful she is in my life.


Audrey said...

Darling Tigger and Piglet! Loved that Nathan wanted to snuggle with candy. The boy has his priorities! Beautiful fall day in STL - just finished a long walk at Forest Park - now to work!

Katherine said...

Nathan and Naomi look so cute in their costumes!

shmaynor said...

Look at the cutest tiger and piggy! so, so adorable!