Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Which costume should we pick?

Option #1: Classic piglet... and can you believe Naomi can say "Piglet" and not Mama!
#2 The cow girl: Of course if it is someone else's hat it is much fun to steal and wear!

Option # 3 Thug baby: you must notice the midriff showing as well. Poor girl has my problem with not finding shirts long enough and she is only 1!

It is amazing what a difference there is between Nathan and Naomi already in dressing. Naomi had the most fun putting her costume on and kept wanting to put it back on. Nathan on the other had... it will be a miracle if i can get him to wear it on halloween for 1 hr!


Kristen said...

mmmm, a tough choice. but i think she makes just about the cutest cowgirl that i've ever seen. so that's my pick :)

Hurst Family said...

Hmmm..piglet looks too hot for Georgia, thug just doesn't seem to fit, so I go with the cowgirl! (although all choices are cute!)