Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Day of fun!

Freshman friends: Krissy Wilkins, Tara Hurst and Cindy Carnes

We had a fun filled Saturday. I took Nathan to meet Gigi and Papa in Cordelle this morning to go and see " A day out with Thomas." He got to have a train ride along with other train fun. I am so thankful that Eric's parents indulge Nathan in his almost 3 year -old passion of "choo- choo" trains. He was so excited on the way there and exhausted on the way back and has been talking about it ever since!

In between the dropping off and picking up Nathan I met some of my college Friends( that i haven't seen in years) in Valdosta for Brunch. My friend Tara is about to have a little boy in a couple of weeks... so it gave us a good reason to meet up and visit for a couple of hours. It was so good to be with them. I got a chance before i met with them to tour VSU and the new additions. It was so nostalgic and sad in some ways. My 2 story freshman dorm has been torn down and replaced by a huge 5 story dorm with the latest Amminities! Yes, i do realize it has been 13 years since I lived in that dorm.

After Nathan and I got home our whole family got to go the Riverdale Jazz festival. It was fun to see friends, watch the kids jump on the " jumpy things" and watch them dance to Jazz music.

Fun day... but i am tired!

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