Monday, September 22, 2008

Little Will

The newest member of the Ashley Family!
Proud Parents : Kathryn and Todd (Eric's Brother.)
You would think he has never held one of these before... he still thinks you can break them!
Ashley Cousins all sporting their UGA Attire... I wonder which one will play for UGA?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

William Patrick Ashley

There is a new member in the Ashley Family as of yesterday at 8pm! William "Will" Patrick Ashley was 8lbs 6oz. and was 21inches long. Kathryn went in the hospital the night before to get things moving and pushed for 3 hours! Your are awesome Kathryn! We will post pictures as soon as I get one. Nathan and Naomi get another little cousin!

We took the kids up to Northside Hospital in Atlanta with us anticipating the delivery to be a little sooner... but they did great with out an afternoon nap and getting home at 10:45pm! Sometimes they really suprise me!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nightly Prayers

Up until now, Eric and I have said prayers for Nathan as he repeats and adds here and there... for some reason tonight it clicked. I pray this is a beginning of God beginning to draw his heart to himself. After a sweet conversation about where God lived and who made us, Nathan prayed all by himself:
Dear God,
Thank you for a fun day today.
I pray for Papa, Gigi, Nana, Grandaddy, jacob and Daddy... that they would love you more.
Pray for Todd and Kathryn that there baby would come out tomorrow.
In Jesus Name,

Go Dawgs