Monday, August 25, 2008

Naomi's Celebrations!

I really wanted to invite a hundred people to Naomi's first birthday celebration! I want to thank all of the people who have loved, prayed for, cared for, rocked, held, and encouraged her as well as loved and endured our complaining about her hurting. This was such a milestone for all us. In the past couple of weeks her vocabulary has exploded and of course she decided to take her "first steps" at her birthday party! I wanted to cry... so much all at once!
We are so very thankful for her!

Since she has been able to recently eat yogurt and cheese, we decided to just try out a normal cake and see how her allergies reacted. No break outs... but she did not sleep well that night!
" What is there something on my face?" Nathan wanted to be right in the middle of everything " helping" Naomi eat her cake! We are thankful that my parents got to come on Friday and celebrate with us.
Of Course Naomi had to get Nathan a present. Yes, for those of you who know Nathan's obsession... he got a train track! Now maybe he will act decent when he goes to any of his friends houses who have train tracks... i am not counting on him being able to be decent at Barnes and Noble, though!

So, I decided to make her a dairy free cake for cake #2 to see if helped her tummy. Of course, she broke out this time( maybe the eggs?) but slept good at night. Hopefully we can get an allergy test at her next appointment.
She knew right what to do this time! We are thankful Eric's parents, sister, cousins and Aunt and Uncle got to celebrate with us!
After birthday presents threw up everywhere, she was done for the night. If you look closely you can still see some splotches on her cheeks.

Could she be any cuter!
We Love you Naomi and thank the Lord Daily for you and how he has already changed us through you! We look forward to many more celebrations!

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Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Naomi! I cannot believe how old she is getting- it has been a privelage to walk through (via blog world mostly), her first year.