Saturday, August 30, 2008

Naomi at a year

(I heard both kids become strangely quiet and i turned the corner and saw Nathan give Naomi her first raisin. She figured how to chew it with her one tooth!)

She is such fun. We went to the Doctor for a check- up this week and he told us her stats.
23 lbs- 75% in weight
30 inches- 90% in height
Regarding her allergies we are just going to be careful in introducing things and let her drink rice milk like her brother! I think stopping the Elecare formula will help not pack the calories on as much. Don't get me wrong, i love a chubby baby.... but my back is about to break! I really think she is going to be a tall girl... her feet are so big.( size 5) My prediction is that she will be bigger than her brother, we will see!
She is doing more bottles... trying to walk... trying to talk...and bringing us much joy!

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