Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Elcee and girl power!

I just began keeping a friend's 4 mos. old baby in the mornings 3 days a week as my friend teaches half a day at our church's Day School. I have only been doing it a week... but she has been so sweet and easy. Her name is Elcee Leslein and she only cries if she is hungry or tired. I guess that is why most babies cry.. but mine always seem to have some other issue aggravating them. Anyway, it has instilled confidence back in the fact that there are sweet, easy babies out there. It has been easy having her around because we usually don't leave the house until after 11am so Naomi can get a nap in and she usually naps 2 hours. Nathan has had fun with her... he loves being the bossy older brother. He also loves affection and he gets it with these two. I also never knew that a 4 mos. old could crawl... I promise i saw Elcee crawl today! Her parents are very athletic so i would not doubt this baby may one day grow up to be in the Olympics.
I must admit that keeping her does make me miss Max and Briggs and the Gordon clan... it is precious to have the privilege to love on people when they are so little! Can you believe i used to not be excited about having kids... the Lord has completely changed me through so many of these little people!

Here are some fun shots from the week:

Nathan, Elcee and Naomi
Naomi and Elcee conspiring...
They got him... don't let him fool ya... he loves it!
It is sad to think the days of bottles are gone... we still do one at night!
Man she is fast these days... you can't leave a door open or a toilet seat up!
She is so fun these days... makes those 9 months of hurting so worth it!
Let me out of here!!


Kristen said...

I love the pictures! Can't believe how much Naomi has grown. So do you think you can handle a
3rd of your own?

Katherine said...

Cute pics! I can't believe that you weren't excited about having kids at one time--you're such a natural! Your compassion and patience encourage me all the time.