Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Conversations and songs

There are always things i want to write down... so i can remember this fun stage the kids are in... but i never take the time.
So, today in the car Nathan( aka mr. verbal) says" Mama, Naomi doesn't talk very good" and I reply "I know, we are working on that." Nathan begins to take things in his own hands by telling her the words she needs to say. His first try is Mama... "say Mama Naomi" and as she responds in babble he keeps repeating " no, say Ma- Ma." He eventually gives up and tries other words.... "say thank you Naomi", "say i love you, Naomi", "say big truck, Naomi" and he concludes by saying.... " Mama, Naomi doesn't talk very good." The words that Nathan first said are so different than her. The only words i know for sure she can say is " da da", " bye bye" and "dack dack" for quack quack.

Another way we use our time in the car to distract Naomi from fussing is singing. Unfortunately, my beautiful voice is not very soothing. Nathan on the other hand has the touch. When Nathan begins to sing, she is mesmerized. If you ask Nathan what his favorite song is... he will always reply with " twinkle twinkle" and the runner up is "ABCD" (aka the abc's) . I promise we sing so many other songs... many about the Lord, but for some reason when he is upset the only thing that will do is "twinkle twinkle." Please tell me there are other little boys that like this song too.


Kristen said...

Yes, Jackson loves it! And even has a complete set of hand motions to go along with him (that he picked up from somewhere...not me). I love how the younger siblings adore their big brothers. Luke adores Jackson and I become chopped liver next to him. His favorite thing is to watch and listen to Jackson singing songs in the car...I don't know when the last time was I got to listen to my own music :)
Miss you!

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

No matter how many hymns I sing to the kids, Aiden's "comfort song" of choice was ALWAYS ABCD. He, too, would sing this EVERY TIME we asked him to sing/soothe Sophie. Sophie's comfort song of choice was...Surprise, surprise...."Twinkle twinkle."
So no, you are not alone.
SOME day, (like in 5 years!) maybe they will finally move on to "In Christ Alone." :)

katherine said...

here's a little music ed. development for any who are interested - twinkle twinkle and ABCD are actually the same tune with different words. often children are acquiring the tune and then the words - just depends on which words they learn first - or which they hear most often; or ask to hear most often. Sorry - dorky music teacher lending her 2cents. Just enjoy them singing and singing along with them - the more songs you sing the larger the recall base will get. kp

Ashley Family said...

thanks for the comments KP- i am a dork that i never figured that out that they are the same tune.. i wish you were closer.. i know Nathan would love learning from you! Thanks for being so sweet to my friend Lisa... miss you!