Saturday, July 19, 2008


I got to go the Philadelphia early July this year for my annual girls trip. I get together once a year with some friends I made when I worked in Jacksonville Fl. This is our 5th reunion and this year we decided to visit one of the girls that live in Phillie. We actually were very patriotic because we all flew in on the 4th and spent the day in the city checking out the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall and a fireworks display and concert in the rain! I am so thankful for these women, it was so refreshing to be with them. We spent 90 % of our time laughing. A few are single, a few are married and a few are married with kids. A few of them noticed that I talked so much on this trip... I think I didn't realized how much I need adult interaction with people that love and care for me... I really was chatty the whole time! Babies only allow you to use a limited vocabulary. Here a few pictures from the weekend... but i can't capture the amount of fun we had. Eliza was an amazing host and carted us all around Phillie, Amish Country, Deleware and cute coffee shops!

Jenny and Nicole posing beside an Amish statue in Amish country. I actually high-fived this guy!

A Phillie steak cheese vender. I can't believe i really ate from this hut... i was starving and it tasted wonderful!

Here are some of the amazing women I got to learn, laugh and be myself with ! Jenny, Nicole, Eliza, Amy, Stephenie and myself. We were missing a few this year that couldn't make the trip. I am so thankful for the time I labored at UNF... I have been changed!

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