Saturday, July 19, 2008

Beach Vacation with the Ashley's

Well, if you read my previous blog about me going to Phillie and started feeling bad for Eric having the kids... don't feel too bad for him. He got to take them along with GiGi and Papa to St. Augustine and I met them on Monday. We are so thankful we get to go on Vacation with his family. They are so generous to spoil us and of course the babes.

Naomi warmed up to the Ocean. She constantly made noise... kind of grumbling. I think she was annoyed by the sand and water at first and at me trying to keep her clean. Eventually she got used to it and we gave up trying to keep her clean. I am sure she ate a few cups of sand.

Nathan loved the ocean and spent the whole time "jumping " the waves with Daddy, Papa and GiGi, Uncle Todd, Aunt Kathryn, and when my hands were free me!

Oh how fun!

Sweet Girl!

Sibling fun!

Can you believe they both stood still for a moment!

Pool fun with Daddy

Oh, this was after the beach... but if you can't make it out Eric celebrated his 31st birthday on July 14th. We were able to have some friends over and eat cupcakes. Eric said it meant a lot to him that people would take time out to be with him on his birthday!

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